Thank you for stopping by the new Open Republic website.

Disclaimer: this site is a work in progress, and much of the existing material will eventually be replaced with more well-considered content…as time allows, of course.

You may find nonsense of a semi-satirical nature lurking amidst these pages, alongside more sober ruminations on political, economic, or social issues. You may also find out about my pets, the status of my refinancing process, and various consumer reviews. For the moment, it’s a bit of a jumble…

No association with, or comment upon, the previous owners of this site is implied or intended. Those with outdated links and bookmarks to the previous site may wish to visit the Economic Freedom Network ( or the Fraser Institute ( for further resources and information.

I am somewhat at a loss to present a more coherent mission statement or ‘plan of action’ for the future of this site. Rest assured that I will do my best to provide you with some mixture of amusement, edification, entertainment…or at least some tasty links to places where such things may be found.

As always, comments and questions are encouraged…although I can’t really promise to respond in anything like a timely manner. So many plates spinning, so little time. But “open” is the name and the game, so to speak, so feel free to become part of the process!

Apart from all of that we will be doing what we do best over here & we will be doing it as regularly as ever. Be careful if you are not used to our humor you may find it to be a bit sharp. If you are used to our humor you are probably not even here to read this anymore & the rest of you will see what I mean eventually, I hope. Anyway if you are here & I am here there is nothing left to do but start so with out any further ado we will begin with the funny bone.
Why do they call it a funny bone? I heard an interesting argument once. Someone said that they were thought that the funny bone was called that because the word is used to describe the humorous nut that does not make sense because you have a funny bone on you arm & your leg at the joint. I am a believer that they call it a funny bone because everyone but you think it to be funny when you hit it for some reason. I can’t figure out why it is so funny though. It hurts like a son of a gun! I have to admit that I laugh when people hit it because I know how much it hurts but I also know that it only lasts a second then is gone.

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