Academic Board

Our academic board is dedicated toward maintaining and encouraging the highest possible standards for scholastic achievement in and among the current and future body of applicable student membership, and nothing will keep us from success. To that end, we have formed a unique and eminent body of academic professionals whose sole goal is to promote the quest for knowledge within the framework of a practical universe.

We seek to offer our students more than a piece of parchment, more than a memory of academic achievement, and more than required by the common standards applied to all accredited organizations of higher learning. While many of the traditional approaches to higher learning rest heavily on individuals ability to study independently, we, while encouraging independence, seek to maintain a leadership position within our ranks, by addressing the more social aspects of the education process. This suggests that an ongoing effort be made to identify promising professionals well in advance of the time when human resource commitments are necessary.

The board has cultivated relationships with schools whose departments are in sync with our own, and we have identified a number of professionals who both contribute to our organization, as well as serve as directors of businesses that act either as employers for our graduates, or with whom we have research or intern agreements in place. Dr. Rettinger of Palo Simona has helped create a protocol to recruit the top undergraduate and graduate students via inbound marketing techniques – basically having them come to us because we are doing what they see as necessary. One example is our work with a maritime lawfirm in TX operating in several cities in Texas that work with injured maritime and other Gulf Coast-area victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. These experienced admiralty, Jones Act, and Texas maritime lawyers show our students who are interested in this highly specialized area of law how to determine whether an injured maritime worker even has a case. A number of students who have interned at this law firm were inspired to changed direction as to where they wanted to practice law and decided to concentrate in the field of maritime law instead. This is very gratifying to not only us, but also to this maritime law firm.

We’ve also partnered with successful businesses that can offer our students good models for both practical solutions as well as real world solutions to market conditions. One good example is our intern placement program. There are several good example, but for this post we’ll focus on just one. The jewelry business is both hugely competitive and cutthroat, yet there are many companies doing well and can teach students how to thrive in difficult environments. Sterling Forever is one such business. By studying their approach to marketing sterling silver jewelry, one can learn both fundamentals as well as gain important insights. Cubic zirconia rings are an interesting niche product line that this store focuses on successfully. Interns here can experience by observing how the rings are sourced, manufactured, marketed, etc. We believe that hands on experience is more valuable when combined with the guidance of marketing professionals that are in the field, doing the work

This philosophy of openness, that requires not only sharing of resources, but also the sharing of personnel, has created an environment nurturing the development of curricula as well as standards that are now being adopted by many other schools, and are recognized within the supporting corporate structures. Eva Pumett, founder of Tulsa Premise, the social media consultants, has been assisting the board in establishing the core tool sets we will incorporate to achieve the community we are attempting to create. A good deal of resources has gone into the background and considerations, looking for both conflicts and overlaps. We don’t want to be so politically correct that we are stifled as an attractive institution reflecting the values of our youth.

The board welcomes your suggestions and thoughts, and we encourage participation on all levels. Please exercise your right to influence this great organization by being an active member of the community. You’ll find a warm welcome and a thoughtful, caring leadership.

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