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It’s far easier than you may have previously imagined. We can be reached by email, post, telephone, and fax. Thank you for your interest.

What may be more difficult is truly coming up with something that is worth contacting us with. Should you fail in your efforts, all roads will be blocked and all doors shut. The true Ubermensch will have the innate ability to bypass all such obstacles, and will in any event have no need of our services.

In case you do not fall into one of the above categories, you may find your path laid open before you at a time of our choosing. Please supply the cheese.

Undoubtedly you will have come to this page for a more clear-cut set of instructions. Everything that you could possibly need to know is contained within. Have you the will, the urge, the je ne sais quois to overcome? If not, proceed no farther.

But should you have the strength, fortitude or other motivational advantage to push onward in spite of the snarkiness of this prose, please also include your secret to maintaining your goals. Sharing is part of the process of seeking help. Even if this means you only want to leave a comment, do not assume that your comment should be lacking in entertainment. By all means, write your hearts content in the form below. We will read every word and respond in an appropriate time frame, whether or not you expect such.

For instance, if we were to get a question regarding edible medical marijuana, our curiosity might be piqued enough for us to read further. If you have been keeping abreast of what is happening in the US regarding that former (and present) weed known as cannabis, you probably know that the marketplace for marijuana edibles is exploding, particularly in those US states that have legalized cannabis for medical and most importantly for recreational use. The amazement of this sudden explosion of goodies that you can buy not only in medical marijuana dispensaries, e-commerce sites from the creators of edible marijuana goodies, but also recipes for making your own sweet, or savory treats. Well you get the point. An intriguing subject will get our attention,

OpenRepublic works to reward those who contact us with messages that keep us either laughing, smiling, or otherwise engaged in mirth, since this is the one human element that is usually completely missing from a contact us page. But not here.

If your need is to be provocative, we suggest you comment on the blog, where controversy is more welcome, not that it isn’t here. Do not contact us if you need help with homework, dental care (even if it relates to medical tourism or to medical travel). We just don’t do that.

Anyway with all that said, I guess that we will move ahead to bigger and better things. We are always so busy around here sometimes I just don’t even know where to start. You know this is not our only responsibility so if you reach out to us you can not just expect that we will be back in touch with you immediately. We are going to be needing some time in order to figure everything out. We will want to answer everyone in the same order they contacted us too. in other words it would be nice if you used your patience when waiting for a response. Thank you so very much.

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