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Many of our events are held at involved schools to help make an impression upon the schools and the necessity to constantly work towards a higher achievement in education. We believe that schools can achieve better resources when working together.

We lead conferences bringing educators together to continue the discussion on how to better our education system. We ask leaders in communities to speak, bringing to light challenges they face and solutions to better the learning environment. We also invite guests speakers who may not be within the education system per se, but who might bring a fresh perspective. A recent guest speaker was a well known real estate expert from Australia. However, Faye Kotsis did not speak about her real estate expertise, but instead bought a slide show about the Grampians National Park located in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Visitors are greeted with grand and rugged mountain ranges, spectacular wildflower displays in the spring through summer, a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, and a wealth of fabulous Aboriginal rock art sites. Her point of the evening talk was to open up the minds and eyes of young children to the beauty of nature. Even though the students could not physically travel to Australia to the Grampians National Park, however with access to the internet, student can learn about and see all sorts of exotic or closer to home locals that celebrate nature. Of course, different neighborhoods have different needs however no matter where the school is situated motivation and engagement is the most important.

As part of the event planning for working sessions we have created a hospitality committee that will set up an inviting environment making sure that everything from refreshments to even the behind scenes needs where we will have to find janitorial supplies to supplement what is available. Janitorial supplies? Yes even janitorial supplies. Having a clean environment, such as floors, bathrooms etc is very important for the all over impression. And we’re not just talking about toilet paper and clean floors. Janitorial supplies range from garbage bags, to all purpose cleaners, paper towels, hand soaps, dusters and brooms to the all important toilet paper. Flowers, banners, lovely table decorations are all great, but if people walk into a dirty bathroom, they really notice and all the other work that goes into an event is diminished.

One of our signature suggestions is the presentation of gift baskets filled with tasty treats as well as pens, paper, notebooks, and other items that will be useful to the participants. We vary what is included in the gift baskets. We have even personalized various items with the names of the schools involved on items such as book marks, pens, and inspirational pencil sets to encourage creativity. Sometimes we include engraved desk organizers, puzzles, dominoes gift sets, monkey pod puzzles (brain-teasing puzzles which will delight and fascinate both the novice puzzler and expert), 3-D Wooden Canine Puzzles that are unique and entertaining brain teasers that are handcrafted in the traditional Japanese Kumiki style using the principle of woven or interlocking wood pieces to form shape, Cubebot, a non-traditional take on the toy robot made from sustainably harvested cherry wood, and even strategic play brainteasers which contains polished metal puzzles that require a sharp mind and right skills to unlock all four configurations. We want these gift baskets to be memorable, a little challenging, as well as useful with a few tasty bites of fruit and / or crackers, cheeses, sweet and salty snacks, popcorn, or satisfying sweets. Although many of these events are strategy sessions, there is no reason that there can be some treats for all the hard working educators and administrators. Everyone appreciates acknowledgement for the time spent in exploring new ideas.

Since many schools find it helpful to have smaller discussion groups so that educators and administrators can work through teaching methods and strategies to share what works best for them, we also have smaller gift baskets that are often given to every educator and administrator who attends and contributes. Our puzzles gift baskets will hopefully inspire, entertain, and challenge each educator. This kind of collaboration keeps teachers constantly working towards being the best educators they can be, in hopes that they can help to positively shape the minds of the young people they teach.

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