OR in the Media

Wherever you look for us, you will not find us. ┬áThat is the paradox that you must comprehend before clarity comes upon you. Look elsewhere, and there we shall be, unless of course you expect to find us there, in which case we’ve probably just left. You might be able to catch us if you hurry, but don’t count on it.

This cat and mouse game feels very much like the process one has to go through while applying for social security disability benefits. And certainly even more so if the initial application is denied. I can tell you this since I have spent the last year trying to get my mother benefits after she was side lined with a serious lower back injury. I thought that the online form wouldn’t be that difficult. Wrong! I can’t imagine a person who is so injured that they feel they should apply being able to do this on their own. There are loads of documentation you need to file and even then 60% of the initial applications get rejected. Then you have 60 days to request having your files reviewed again. I felt I was in a maze with no hope of getting out. With a search online (yes I admit it I did a search online) for a social security disability lawyer I finally felt we were headed in the right direction. Now we would have a guide who would make sure all documents were filed in a timely manner and who would prep my mom for her day before an Administrative Law Judge during her appeals hearing. Sure it was nerve wracking and my mother was still recovering even though it was now months after the accident. I don’t see how anyone can do this on their own. The elusive benefits were finally granted months after we had started this journey. At least our social security disability lawyer was able to present my mom’s case successfully. I still have nightmares of being in that crazy benefit application maze, the benefits always evaporating in my hands as I desperately try grasping for them. Argghh!

My cousin claims the problem is similar for victims of roadway accidents, especially for people injured by trucks. He works for a lawfirm in New Mexico and they are constantly going to court to support victims who not only have no money, but also are injured, sometimes seriously. The local New Mexico truck accident lawyer at this firm has over 20 years of experience, fighting battles against large trucking firms who feel they are entitled to injure people with impunity. He doesn’t charge anything unless he wins a settlement, but has to work just to obtain clients, which is why my cousin built his website – to attract searches by victims looking for legal help. Big trucks, small cars – this is the problem.

And then there was that time we tried to get on television once, but the camera crews had already left by the time we got John’s car started. However, there is someone who looks a lot like on of our members on last Wednesday’s episode of Gardening By Numbers if you pay close attention to the crowd scene at the funeral.

Newspapers are dead, the Internet is a fad, but sometimes very helpful, and radio is a tool of the ruling class. The true media is and has always been amateur wide-band radio telescopy, and it is there that you shall find us. But good luck finding the proper equipment.

And just when you thought all the 1% were out to get you, here is some evidence that the opposite is true – especially if you ever need help with the bureaucracy. Though that won’t help you get the kind of publicity that accompanies fame or widespread approval, it may help you recover financially.

If it does you will be able to go on living under the same rules & guidelines that have been present for thousands of years. Where does it all stop. When is enough, enough. Is it ever? I wonder if when I am able to have all that I desire, will I desire to stop desiring so much? What shall I do with it all when it stacks up from one end of the world to the other? I want to sweep it under the carpet & that is what I intend to do at the next town meeting. I know that the way things are going around here there will be one soon & when it gets here I am going to ride it out of here just like I rode it on the way in. I have every intention of staying until the end of time but unless you know what I am talking about we shall be lost together in this world as well as the next.

Open your eyes & shut the door because the longer you stand there looking in & letting out the gas, the more likely we are to just float away. Take some time out of your busy schedule to remember just what life was all about once upon a time in the wonderful world of sports. Thank for all of your time & I hope we meet again very soon!

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